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Welcome to blurbme !

Our Mission

Our mission is to make life sustainable for local small and individual businesses. We believe that small businesses are backbone of any economy. With our community focused approach we are creating avenue for small businesses to support & sustain every small business around .  

About blurbme

blurbme simplifies local out of home advertising needs of small business owners so that they can focus on their core business instead of worrying about high cost, offline & complex advertising process of advertising that exist today.

Based in Singapore, blurbme is an online marketplace that connects small and individual business owners to advertise locally affordably and on-demand at high visibility retail spaces.

We bring down barrier to entry for anyone to be able to advertise locally to reach out right target audience and help retail space owners earn extra income from spare spaces.

Why Use blurbme
  • Simple. Be it small business, startups, entrepreneurs or Individuals anyone can book online in few simple steps 
  • Direct : Book directly with the Hosts. Completely transparent process
  • Trusted : Curated hosts spaces so that you book worry free. Make all communication using blurbme platform so that you are secure

How it works
  • Search from curated cafes, yoga studio, gym, salons & other venues in areas which best fits your target audience 
  • Check out space(s) available for advertising in the venue. Chat with owners to get more details
  • Book online and send your product or services to display at the venue